O God

O God.

The idea of your existence and your perfection mesmerize my logic, my sanity, and my humanity.

O God.

The more I want you, the more I try to reject you because of the fear of broken heart.

O God.

The more I adore you, the more I want to erase you because of the pain of my suffocating lust.

O God.

I really want to having you as my own treasure, in the way I lead, in the place I set, on the bed of nail, under the hammering love of my mortal flesh.

O God. 

Afterall this romantic nonsense. I think I’m just lazy to worship you lololol :P. I just want to be equal okay? If you answer with silence, I’ll take that as YES. 

Silence? Its a YES. We’re equal. We trade in each other faith okay.


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