A Futsal Match Against Hounds In Their Mating Season


Dude. I’ve decided to delete the post.
This is my gift to you and your fellow humans.

Let’s forgive.

But Not Forget.


4 thoughts on “A Futsal Match Against Hounds In Their Mating Season

  1. Edit Log 1:

    L*k* T**ner:

    When referring to yourself and others, it’s “my team and I” not “me and my team”. There are a few subtleties, however I don’t know how to explain them

    H*** I**an:

    ‘But I wish, by expressing my harsh opinions regarding how ugly the game was, might discourage people to play like that.’

    Should be something like:

    But I hope that strongly expressing my opinion on the lack of sportsmanship displayed in the game might promote fair play.

  2. Edit Log 2:

    Kata Dandy, temen saya yang pintar dan baru diwisuda:

    1. Eruption itu Rnya 1, maka “errupted” diubah jadi “erupted”
    2. Setelah modal, harus V1. Jadi yang tadinya “didn’t gone” diubah jadi “didn’t go” [katanya kalau mau tetep pake gone, didn’t bisa diganti hadn’t]
    3. Begitu pula dengan “would not turned” jadi “would not turn”

  3. Dandy is right. Sometimes it strikes me like thunder to see you write in English like God but you dont particularly pro in grammar.
    I understand grammar a bit but I am unable to write in English like you. Hats off.
    You are talented sloth. Keep rockin’.

    1. I prefer substance over form. Swift and efficient like the waterfall of bodily fluids in terms of cosmical catastrophe.

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