To my ear, gentle caresses came at last

Upon me, they fell from heaven past

When my stars never blink

And the clouds never bring

A curtain so thick hiding you from my longing

I told myself to shut

No breath or word let out

But my vein they throbbed

And my heart unstopped

         They refused to let me listen in peace

         Hence, I awoke with tears unreleased

                   Inside me the whispers went silent

                   Around me I felt world gone barren

                                       The heart and blood was my foe

                                       Upon cold steel I let them go

                                                 As clouded sky was torn therefore

                                                 The songs were heard once more

And with everything I parted

But with more than everything,

I was then escorted

To the stars long gone

          Beyond the night, beyond the day

          Beyond the curtain, beyond lone and beyond lorn


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