A Greek God and His Salamander

You were a nameless Greek God

Who awoke from long slumber

Beneath the lead water

Of Great Lakes’ miraculous wad


One day, from underneath a log

Love lured you

To turned it over

It was him and the frog

Each, one eyed, that’s true

But your heart desired

Only the salamander


Salvador then you named him

And acres of soils and jungles

Were arranged for his residence

Where you threw preys with strong limbs

Then with grace,

he chased without bungles

And in awe,

you beheld his claws

Swung in unrivaled magnificence


But the mortals were mad

Because you took their lands for him

They invoked then, the chemical pandora box

Crippling most of your kin, it made you sad

And as you silently sit still in heavy grim

They trapped grown up Salvador in a deep pit,

then smashed him dead with laser-guided asteroid


Hellish grief undressed you of your divine might

Now, you’re merely one of them mortal

But I know, you will eventually fight

Once again, once for all

With a plot so dark

That none shall

Ever ever ever walk


So here I sit

Scratching my balls

Wishing you, a great good luck




To my ear, gentle caresses came at last

Upon me, they fell from heaven past

When my stars never blink

And the clouds never bring

A curtain so thick hiding you from my longing

I told myself to shut

No breath or word let out

But my vein they throbbed

And my heart unstopped

         They refused to let me listen in peace

         Hence, I awoke with tears unreleased

                   Inside me the whispers went silent

                   Around me I felt world gone barren

                                       The heart and blood was my foe

                                       Upon cold steel I let them go

                                                 As clouded sky was torn therefore

                                                 The songs were heard once more

And with everything I parted

But with more than everything,

I was then escorted

To the stars long gone

          Beyond the night, beyond the day

          Beyond the curtain, beyond lone and beyond lorn

The Alliance

Not every power

Measured justly

Not every flower

Survived your mystery

Please, pardon my constant assertion

Regarding how weak I am

It’s an insult to the proportion

Of all the beauty in the realm

Of your unchallenged dominion

  Where, I submit there

to superstitious belief

That one day some day

I shall rise to lordship

To a throne equal

With armies evenly matched

So we can form everlasting alliance

To unleash havoc without mercy

To slay the beasts of misery

And for us, to become the cause

And for us, to ensure safety

Of our citizens, borders, and laws

And your pregnancy, of my baby

The Android Champion

When things gone quiet

Customers home; sky went red

I would sit, tilting my head

Picking apart my nerve casket


I sold advanced parts from various planets

But mine here is ancient and so fucking outdated

Everytime the related long term memories being accessed

My atomic heart maddened


Colossal was the effort to invent this

Primitive minds courageously shouldered dreams of bliss

But mountains of corpses were the sacrifices

And I,

took parts in its abrupt conclusion of peace


Yet, I was then, sent away to far galaxies

Forbidden to return, allowed only to reminisce

Through the news of its recent yearn

Back to earlier abyss


I erased and disabled my automatic calculation

So I can feel the joy of dreadful wonder

Will I, expire?

Before my homeworld die, in fire?



Never ever falter
It is not,
the fire we’re after
our cries,
drowned in water
Let the lights,
hunt down our cancer

When the brights,
persuaded our eyelids to shut,
the neoplasms were cut,
down to the tiniest matter
where facades touched themselves with dagger

In panic, agitated
Chains of multi dimensonal sorrow,
were yanked
But crippled not,
the wisdom of men and women

Shall the eyes opened up again
The errors would wet with shame, and
Maths would cease into simple doodles of childish gibberish

The Might

Which one fell?
The night or the day?
How shall I tell?
For my sights are gray
As meaningless as it seems
I still want to pray
That the horizons of grim
Shall swiftly passed away
As the might of the dream
Taking the helm to lead the way
Out to the starry dwell
So far far away from the pastime hell

The Fever

The world’s heat is fleeing
Breaths skipped; scenes blurred
Against time, the seekers soar
To where it may goes, to when it may ends

Creeping about like flocks of wingless raven
Up, and down, sway, and away to the freezing shores
Spotting no traces at all
Between the weep and the deep

Only cold merciless salts,
To flavour the boiling of the self